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About Us Surfing is for Everyone

At Orange County Surf Coaching we believe surfing should be an enjoyable experience and surfings greatest value is the role it plays in the development of character and life skills. Our goal is to embody the statement above and to provide a safe, positive and inclusive environment for all surfers.
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PROGRAMS Group and Corporate Classes

Got a big group for a party or corporate event? We got you! Orange County surf coaching will provide your group with our top-notch surf coaching.

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PROGRAMS High Performance

This Service is specifically for surfers looking to take their surfing to the next level. These surfers can catch their own waves and feel comfortable in 1-6ft waves.

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PROGRAMS Transitional

Our transitional program is for surfers that have graduated from our learn to surf program. This is catered for surfers that are looking to increase their skills on outside waves in the 2-6ft range.

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PROGRAMS Competition Classes

This program is catered for surfers looking for competitive strategy and competition coaching. As a former judge and professional surfer Christian and his staff will take the class through mapping out a lineup, wave selection, maneuver selection, scoring, and video review.

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PROGRAMS Intermediate

This program is for surfers that are riding hard boards and feel confident catching their own 2-6ft waves. These surfers are connecting a variety of maneuvers and are looking for an edge to up their game in the water.

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