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Competition Classes

This program is catered for surfers looking for competitive strategy and competition coaching. As a former judge and professional surfer Christian and his staff will take the class through mapping out a lineup, wave selection, maneuver selection, scoring, and video review. Our goal in these sessions is to truly equip our students with simple principles that they can carry to every competition and feel confident to compete. Each class is filmed and is 1 1/2 hours long. Each surfer will be scored in their prospective divisions and categories.

Competition Classes Getting Started


First our coaches will perform an assessment on the current state of your surfing by talking to each client individually. The total assessment will look at all aspects of your surfing from a technique standpoint, wave knowledge, equipment, strengths, weaknesses, and areas to improve upon.


After our assessment we always want to make sure your goals are voiced and ultimately have our staff contribute to your success in the water. Our goal setting program is simple and effective to ensure each client can focus on the task at hand.

Action Plan

Time to bring your goals to life, now we will create a road map of how to improve in the water through a series of technique practices, video breakdown, and practices outside of your water time to optimize your surfing performance.

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